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Outdoor Ping Pong Tables: Tips on Buying

If you're new to buying ping pong or table tennis equipment, or maybe just new to the sport in general, choosing the right outdoor ping pong table can seem a bit confusing. Sure, you want something suited to you and your family's needs and use, but also you'd probably like something that is resilient and built to last-especially if it's primary purpose will be to endure the elements outdoors. Below, we have put together our best tips on buying an outdoor ping pong table to help you on your way. Size The size of an outdoor ping pong table really depends on whether or not you plan on moving it in and out of the outdoors. Some people choose to leave their ping pong table outside all year long and just make sure it's covered. The ability to do so also depends on your climate-for example, if you get snow or not. Typically, however, the size of the ping pong table should be a standard size, perhaps a tad smaller and more lightweight for convenience. Materials The materials of an outdoor ping pong table is reall...


The Tennis Serve - How To Be An Ace Server

Yes, the tennis ball shooting from the racket of the fiery Andre Agassi in the 90's is like a bullet from a gun; a straight ace, the opponent can't come any close. Ace or no ace, if you are just beginning to play the game of tennis, service is a very important part of your game. In the beginning, the service was considered to be a mere initiation of the game, to begin a rally and send the ball across the court without any fault. People served that way for ages till the concept of "power" was introduced to tennis and the service became a point winner.Today 130 miles per hour serves rip through the court gives the player's points for an ace shot. For the service to win a point, it should be speedy, accurate and reliable. It involves not just muscle power but also brains anticipating your opponent's movement and fooling him or her in their own game.A tall person will serve better than a short person. Thus Ivanesevic was a better ace server than Andre Agassi. But it is not just the ace. Let the opponent touch you...


How To Play Tennis From Start To Finish

When tennis balls start flying your way in the game of tennis you are going to want to know not only what to do with them but how to do whatever you are going to do the best that it can be done. That would be to hit the balls. As fast as that ball enters your court by the hand of your opponent is just as fast as you want to return it. This is how you win the game.It doesn't matter if you are a player or a coach but what does matter is making sure that you know each and every option that is open to you and exactly when to execute them. In tennis there are basically eight different possible shots to keep the ball in motion. This along with the way that you move your body tells the difference between a victory and a loss. Basically there are some basic guidelines that you will want to follow before you even begin the game of tennis. First, you can not just stand there you do have to have a stance that allows you to be ready when that ball comes charging at you.If you watch a pro tennis match on TV you will see t...


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